hello! how’re things? the brit and i had a lovely weekend. i picked up my nintendo 3DS (which is super cool!) and a new digital camera for our russia trip. i also discovered a new fabric shop and i spent an hour in there perusing the rolls of fabric while the brit wandered around. no (to the australian), it’s not the dodgy-looking one on bourke street that looks closed. i actually went in that one on my day off a while ago and it IS super dodgy. i walked in and two old men, one with a bad toupee, looked shocked that someone actually walked in. they didn’t do much to make me feel like they wanted my custom. one sat behind the counter with an old black and white television with tin foil wrapped around the antennae. the other, wearing a cliff huxtable jumper,  sat in a lawn chair in the aisle so i had to squeeze around him to get to the super dusty rolls of fabric. most had spider webs on them. i think they might be a front for something more sinister … like the all the wig shops in detroit (the brit told me that he never before saw so many wig shops on one block!). anyway, back to the weekend – it was great. we topped it off with a great dinner at the vegie bar.

work for me has been busy … in that i can stretch my work out to last the entire day. it’s been really good. i’m doing a lot of proposal writing and i’m loving it and already received some really good feedback from my colleagues about the work i’ve done so far. i had a meeting with my manager last week and he told me that if i want to take some uni courses that are somewhat related to what i do (english, writing, design …) or what the business does (engineering, IT, etc), then the company will pay for it. i think i’ll skip the nerd subject and do some writing courses and maybe some art ones.

i’m still coughing really badly at night which we (me and the brit) decided was just post nasal drip from hay fever making me cough. the brit made me rule out all the other possible diseases. while google made think that i was dying of some rare lung disease, it also found me a remedy for my night coughing that actually works: vicks vaporub on the soles of your feet (and then put on a pair of socks) before going to bed. i have had four nights of solid, uninterrupted sleep because of it. i’m going to go to costco and buy a mega tub of vicks. it sounds gross and nothing kills the mood like the granny smell of vicks, but coughing up a lung isn’t much sexier.

since i found the cure for my cough and sleeping better, i decided that i need to start working out again. yikes! i am sooo sore today but it’s good. i’m glad to be back to my old routine again. i was getting pretty grouchy …



4 thoughts on “tuesday.

  1. I have intense post nasal drip from allergies and 2 things really help: 1) nielmed sinus rinse twice a day 2) a fuck ton of nasal steroids. Also, super long hot showers after working out.

    Oh, and I’ll be in Melbourne in May. Let’s catch up some NIGHT!

  2. ooh! now that amazon ships, we’re pretty much set … i do miss haribo gummi bears and peanut butter twix. 🙂 i’ll put my thinking cap on! i can’t wait! you’d be our first american visitor!

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