hello all! happy monday. the weekend was lovely! after a week of working super long days/nights, the brit just wanted to spend the weekend doing nothing. “doing nothing” to the brit means laundry, ironing, vacuuming, and polishing the floors. i took “nothing” as NOTHING and read books and watched movies. i also sewed myself a new dress. i’m getting better and better. this one looks almost store-bought.

i feel a bit guilty because i didn’t call the parentals this weekend. i just couldn’t be bothered. my mom worries when i don’t call her (but she won’t call me). i’ll send her an email later to assure her that have not been eaten by dingos.

on the tram home today, i was standing there reading my book when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said “excuse me, do you want my seat so you can sit next to your family?” i looked to where she was pointing and there were two super ancient chinese ladies sitting there. what did i want to say? “hmm, no thanks. i don’t know them but i know how it is, all us asians look alike.” but instead, i just smiled and shook my head. ignorant dumb ass.

this weekend is our wedding anniversary. i just blew all of my money on a plane ticket to russia and lots of goodies from amazon so i hope the brit didn’t get me anything special. maybe i’ll sew him some pyjamas. a while ago, the brit mentioned a possible long weekend away to celebrate but i didn’t want to take the time off after just starting my new job. now i’m thinking i should have.  with as little as i do each day, i don’t think they’d notice if i were there or not. “oh no! who’s going to put the tick in the spreadsheet?!” i sound like i’m bitching but really the job is good. finally i’m understanding things and i’ve found ways to apply my trademark sarcasm and surliness to this new environment. all is good.

time to go and get some dinner sorted. veggie chili tonight.


2 thoughts on “monday.

  1. Happy Anniversary! It’s ours this weekend too… we were thinking of heading to Melb but couldn’t be bothered to book something. Too bad we didn’t plan to house swap. 😉

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