on the tram today, i sat next to a guy who kept fishing around in his little bag and pulling out little bottles of vanilla extract which he would guzzle down. doesn’t a cheap bottle of wine cost as much as vanilla extract? he was a bit strange – kind of like what would happen if ernest borgnine and bono went halfsies on a baby. and he was pissed. i have no idea how many bottles of vanilla he drank but he was well and truly drunk. at least he smelled like cake instead of like a pub. i didn’t mind sitting next to him so much. ha, and i thought i wouldn’t get weirdos on my new tram route.

at work today, i made a reference to battlestar gallactica to see the reaction i would get. i mentioned that our teleconference phone was shaped like a cylon fighter jet and they all nodded their head excitedly to agree with me. ahh, nerds. i feel like they are my people. work is ticking along. it’s a lot more writing and admin than what i’m used to but i don’t mind it so much. i was pretty much over designing things so i’m quite happily settling into my role of wordsmith. some days i feel completely lost and other days i wonder how i will keep myself busy for the day. i’m hoping things work themselves into a pattern soon. a new person is joining our team in two weeks which is good because we’re really busy – or at least that’s what they’re saying. i’m not very busy yet. hopefully that’ll change.

nothing much has been happening lately. i have downgraded my whooping cough to “just a bad cough” and the brit has banned me from working out until the weekend. this weekend we are finally buying our flights to russia. we are flying to singapore, and then helsinki and then moscow. 22 hours all up i think but it’s broken out and the longest leg is only 11 hours. i can cope with that. it’s not nearly as bad as flying 15 hours across the pacific. i’m getting really excited now!

time for me to go and order some dinner and read the rest of ms marple to find out the murderer. just a quick note to the kiwi and the other asian: we have not forgotten about mon ami! april is chocked full of opera and stuff and plus i’m vegan until easter (french food and veganism … not so much)! maybe the weekend after?


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