well, do you know it took me all weekend to recover from my night out on thursday. never try and keep up with someone who is (a) way taller than you (b) and hates their job/life. lesson learned. it was still a good night and i got to hear all the gossip from the old job. micromanager is having a breakdown. she’s called in sick almost every day since i left. hee hee. i was so hungover at work on friday. we had a team lunch and everyone got wine (except me). i almost puked at the table from the smell of it. i managed to get through the day though. i was in bed by nine.

the brit worked all weekend leaving me to my own devices. i watched a documentary on the earthquake in japan and it made me very sad. i also read a few ms marple books, watched their respective movies, had some retail therapy via amazon and net-a-porter, rewrote our standard proposal at work (the grammar was shocking), talked to the parentals, and got to the next level in my professor layton game. a very productive weekend for me too!

i know i’ve been slack on the ol’ blog as of late. i’m trying extra hard to get up to speed at my new job and it’s tiring me out. i’ve also been unwell. i’ve had this horrible cough lately. i’m convinced i have whooping cough because someone i used to work with had it a week before i left. the brit thinks i’m nuts and told me to have a lemsip. anyway, i promise i’ll be around a lot more, and hopefully more interesting.


2 thoughts on “sunday.

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