so far this week at the new job has been crazy. lots of training. they like acronyms. and lots of learning about nerdy things. it’s all so different than what i know but it’s pretty cool. my new manager started too. i wasn’t sure about him until he told me that he thinks the west wing is the best show ever. and he knows his stuff which is even more important. and he doesn’t micromanage me which is the most important thing!! i started learning more about the business and have assigned myself a few things i could do straightaway. some of it i may have to do at home with the dodgy antiquated software i have at the office but i may be able to make it (just) work. so yes, i’m feeling better.

i’m sure i’ll feel even better tomorrow because i’m meeting an ex-colleague tomorrow for dinner. she’s based in the sydney office, my equivalent there and she had to fly down here to train the newbies who micromanager quickly hired to fill in the gaps. hiring people based on the fact that you’re desperate instead of their qualifications is always a recipe for disaster so i’m curious to hear how it’s been. i’ve only heard tidbits but i’m pretty sure it’s a shit storm.

no other news. my old job keeps paying me and i’m pretty sure i shouldn’t have gotten paid. they would’ve caught it by now so i’m going to spend it. new macbook, here i come! or maybe some new earrings. “or maybe you should buy your flight for russia.” says the brit. pfft. party pooper.

dinner is done. rice and veggies. i’m going to pretend the rice is a nice creamy risotto and the broccoli is a steak.



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