public holiday.

it’s labour day in victoria so the brit and i have the day off. the brit will spend most of the day working from home and i will be lurking around, trying my hardest not to bother him. i have some reading to catch up on and some sewing to do.

the weekend was lovely. on saturday, we saw the met HD performance of Iphigènie en Tauride which was beautiful. on our way home from the cinema, we passed by a Readings warehouse sale. i don’t usually go to big book clearance sales because it’s crap books (the stuff no one wants to read) but the brit and i walked away with about 25 new books. the brit got some calvino, bukowski, joseph conrad and evelyn waugh and i got dora lessing, narayan, and some history non-fiction. we started measuring our free space to commission a new bookshelf. we desperately need another. later that night, the brit took me out to the vegie bar for a delicious vegan meal. yesterday was a lazy day spent working (for the brit) and reading (me).

this week at work i have training sessions. i get to learn about our business, what we do and all that stuff. i’m quite looking forward to it because i’ve felt a bit lost the past week. i hate not knowing things. the bid manager, my new boss, starts on wednesday so that’ll be interesting. i hope he’s nice and not like Douchebag or Micromanager. it’ll be nice not being the only new person. i’m having mixed feelings about the new job. i feel pressure to love it mainly because i don’t want to feel like a fool for quitting a pretty good job (well, pay was great, company was shit). i started second guessing myself when i was talking to a few of the project managers there and i was telling them where i worked before and they all said “wow, this is really a step down for you.” i don’t feel like it’s a step down for me. it’s better pay and i don’t have to wear a flipping suit to work but it started me thinking about what i left behind. and their definition of “busy” really differs from what i know to be busy. i don’t see how this job can keep me engaged for eight hours a day. on friday, they gave me something to do that they said will take me all day. i got it done in two hours. it’s still early days i know. i’m just impatient. i want to know everything now so i can fix it and feel a sense of accomplishment. right now i feel like i’m just sort of floating along with no real direction. the brit told me to be patient and that it will all come together. i hope he’s right.

the whole vegan thing is going well. haven’t missed it. craved some cheese the other day but i got over it. thank you to everyone who sent me recipes and links to vegan websites. they will certainly come in handy. i’m feeling really good with all the healthy eating, water drinking and working out.

as i’m typing this, the brit is hunting flies with a dish rag, can of fly spray and a bit of flamenco clapping. it’s driving me nuts. i need to go and find something to do.


3 thoughts on “public holiday.

  1. i was sent a link to cutepdf to pdf a document. good grief. getting a laptop but don’t know when. might be after russia. it depends if something shinier catches my eye. btw, we have a series link on our foxtel to judge john deed. i’m addicted. it’s so bad it’s good.

  2. Haha, if they have Inspector George Gently there then watch that too: same guy, better show (1960s style!).

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