really quick update.

sorry guys. i’ve only had a week of not working and i’m having such a hard time getting back in the swing of things. pathetic, eh?

here’s a quick recap of the week so far:

  • my new job is great so far. i’m totally drowning in technological terminology and acronyms and processes. i work with super nerds. i hear snorts and giggles over my partition. i joined the cake club. one member bakes a cake every friday and we all have morning tea. my day is 8 april. i’ll be so over lent by then will be dying for something laden with butter and eggs.
  • i’m still unsure of the dress code. some people dress up and the nerds wear jeans and t-shirts. i’m kind of in between. today i wore a cute silk dress … with a pair of chucks.
  • it’s so different having total control over my job and my hours. my managers has no idea what time i come or go… nor do they care. i can get used to this.
  • i’ve bumped into the brit twice this week on the tram home. hee hee. i made him carry my flowers the rest of the way home yesterday.
  • back at the old job … the new girl i was training … RESIGNED. so that means no one is left, except for the girl who worked two days a week. karma is a bitch, innit?  to quote an email from my colleague “the shit has well and truly hit the fan.” ha.
  • totally addicted to american idol again. i’m hoping the stoner guy who plays the upright base goes all the way.
  • the brit sent me flowers to work for my first day. yet another massive arrangement i could barely fit through the tram doors. the brit swears he told the florist to make it small. i’m sure.

that’s it for now. i’m sure there’s more to say but i can’t think of it right now! i’ll be back tomorrow! long weekend coming up … hooray!!


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