for some reason, not starting my new job on a monday is making me feel less nervous. i’ve never started a new job (or anything for that matter) on a tuesday. maybe it’s a good omen.

i am over the worst of the flu thanks to the brit force feeding me lemsips all weekend. i stayed on the couch all weekend and took the weekend off from working out and just felt sorry for myself (and made sure the brit did too). i was rather productive. i read four books (all agatha christie books) and wrote emails to all my friends and family back home. i woke up last night all fever-y and sweaty but i think that was the last of it because i’m feeling normal again today.

other than the lurgy, the weekend was delightful. the brit had to work, but he said he would work from home if i promised to be very very quiet and i happily obliged. i was told that snoring on the couch didn’t count (“i don’t snore!” i said) but i made faces from at the couch when i needed attention.

besides working, the brit was busy battling little fruit flies in our house. i don’t think they’re fruit flies but they’re little. we’re not quite sure where they came from but they seem to be impervious to fly spray much to the brit’s chagrin who was walking around with a can in hand for most of the weekend (plus we had the organic auto one going too).

i was napping on the couch and was awakened by clapping. it was the brit chasing a fly trying to kill it. the fly escaped. there’s always just two or three but it’s every day and the brit is trying to find their hideaway. i don’t like killing them with my hands so i would stealthily sneak up on them with the hand held vacuum and suck them up. the cylinder of the vacuum is clear so i could see if they were sucked up. i check the cylinder later in the day and count how many flies are in there to assess whether or not they are able to escape. so far none have escaped. it’s all very scientific. it beats running around clapping at the air like a flamenco dancer.

i lurked on facebook this morning. i have a friend who has a friend who comments every five minutes,  likes his own comments. and comments on his own comments. my sister used LOL in four out of four comments followed by !!!!!!!!!. really? facebook still scares me. i don’t know if i’ll ever be converted. i did, however, find out via fb that my cousin is preggers which is a good thing. it took me ages to find nice baby things that are made in australia to send to her. i got her some baby uggs and an australian sheepskin stuffed bear which, i realised, was made in china. oops. i realised that all the stuffed toys made in australia that i saw were a bit frightening to look at. the china made ones were the cute ones. i also bought gifts for my niece and nephews but i didn’t bother to look for australian made stuff. they are at the picky age where they only like certain things. my sister is against anything made not just in china, but all of asia. i made some cheeky remark to her about rejecting our mom and dad because they were made in asia but she didn’t think that was very funny.

that is my ONE chore today – go to the post office to send the gifts. i am usually so crap about it too. i send christmas gifts in february because i was too lazy for the entire month of december. and no more days off from working out. i had a three day holiday of no work outs. Ash Wednesday is this week which means i start going vegan from then. i talked to my mom this weekend and she said that if i could give up shopping for Lent then i wouldn’t have to give up animal products for forty days. ha. don’t think so.

if anyone has any good vegan recipes, send them my way!


6 thoughts on “monday.

  1. Nobody has any good vegan recipes, there just aren’t any 😉
    Good luck with going vegan for lent!

  2. thanks 12! ha! i live on lentil soup and salad for most of lent. i wasn’t going to do it this year but figured it’s the only quasi-religious thing i do that makes my parents happy and it’s only 40 days. my parents eat fish which isn’t fair because i’m allergic.

    halfway through, i’m dying for a little bit of cheese. ‘m fine with no meat. it’s the entire dairy/egg thing that kills me. everything good has eggs or butter in it.

  3. Hi — try and 101 Cookbooks is vegetarian as opposed to exclusively vegan, but she’s got more than 100 vegan recipes on her website. Oh She Glows is vegan, and just recently she’s started doing “Recipe Link Love” linking to vegan recipes she likes on other blogs, so that should lead you to tons of stuff.

  4. thanks so much! i will be sure to check it out. crushed lentil soup and rice for me tonight … and probably for the rest of the week until i can get myself to the market and sorted

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