my first day of freedom. it feels so weird. it doesn’t feel real yet. yesterday was lovely. i successfully avoided micromanager’s phone call and i got some lovely pressies from my colleagues. they really touched me with their generosity and words of encouragement. i had some mixed feelings walking out of there for the last time but i know i’m doing the right thing.

i haven’t heard anything from my new job since i signed the contract so i don’t know if they know my start date and i don’t know what time i have to show up and who to ask for. attire is casual but do i show up casual or do i dress up on my first day? should i take the train or the tram? i’m starting to feel really nervous and if i don’t keep my mind occupied with activities for the rest of the week, i’ll be a basket case by the weekend.

i have a list of chores in my head. i thought i could just go to vic roads this week and get my US drivers licence transferred to an australian one but i have to make an appointment and i can’t get in until the 19th of april! really? i thought it would like america where i just walk in, take a number and wait (and wait) until my number is called. oh well. i have six months to change it over so it’s not urgent. next on my list is to clean up my closet … which may keep getting pushed down the list if i find other things to distract me like watching an auction on ebay. i have my eye on a vintage sewing basket. the auction ends in 12 hours and there are nine bids. i’ll check it right before it ends and see how much it is then. i don’t need to get in a bidding war with a granny. the brit gave me one chore and that is to go down the road and get coffee and salad greens. i’m sure i can do that. i am also on a mission to find baby stuff that’s made in australia for a cousin back home that’s having a kid. i didn’t think it’d be that hard but i’m finding it quite difficult. so i guess that’ll keep me busy for….oh, i don’t know … today. then what?

well, i guess i’m going to work out and shower and try to get my day started. i’m torn between being ultra lazy and somewhat productive. if i were too productive, the brit would think i was kidnapped and replaced by an alien so i don’t want to over do it.


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