waiting …

… for my ebay auction to end. i put in a bid for the sewing basket and it ends in 34minutes 27 seconds.

i watched two episodes of dr. phil today but i had to draw the line at bridalplasty.

i got an email from the agency and i actually don’t start my job til tuesday now! ha! another day off.

i also got a few emails from ex-work peeps saying that they miss me already!

32 minutes 55 seconds

the brit just pulled out the iron. exciting night for him. i just got myself a popsicle. the brit thinks that if i win the auction, i should bring my new sewing basket to the cinema next time we have a met opera to see if any of the oldies were my rival bidders.

27 minutes 18 seconds

i was just on facebook. my sister is lamenting her horrible day. “should i like it?” i ask the brit. yesterday she talked about her broken sewing machine and i was tempted to like it. i’m waiting for her say on facebook “my sister is an asshole.” and then i’ll like it.

22 minutes 3 seconds

the brit is predicting that someone is going to bid on it on the final minute. he’s making me nervous. i can’t sit still.

18 minutes 10 seconds

the brit: now have a limit in your head and don’t get all emotional. i know what you’re like.


15 minutes 48 seconds

my horoscope said i was a visionary thinker. does that mean i’ll win my auction?

12 minutes 14 seconds

just got caught up reading a piece on huffington post about sharon angle. the fact that there are people that will vote for her is frightening.

crunch time now kids.

5 minutes 18 seconds.

hee hee. the brit just said “crunch time now honey”

YAY! i won it. someone tried to outbid me in the last 15 seconds but i prevailed!

thanks for hanging out with me. phew. i’m exhausted now.



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