well one more day. hooray! i mostly pushed around paper today and cleaned out my desk. i noticed that the girl taking over my role was struggling with the workload so i did some work to help her out.

micromanager emailed me to tell me that she would try to call me tomorrow to wish me well. she’s going to try to call me? and why tell me? so when she doesn’t call i can be like “well, at least she tried”?  really? i’m going to forward my phone to voicemail. i don’t need to talk to her. the office is throwing a morning tea for my farewell. mmm, sausage rolls.

for the three days that micromanager was in town, she did not talk to me. she talked to my replacement next to me but avoided talking to me. and when she came in every morning, she was all chirpy with my replacement but then just glare at me and sit down. when she was leaving for the airport, she hugged replacement girl goodbye and then she looked at me and waved me off, like she was shooing me away. i’m serious. one of my colleagues saw it and told me later that he thought she was a mega bitch. i couldn’t disagree. she was sitting at a desk across the aisle from me and she emailed me questions. she emailed a list of 100 dot points of things i need to train replacement girl on. replacement girl is only a temp (with promises of being made permanent) so i asked (not via email) if she would be the best person to train. micromanager emailed me back and said “well, i don’t know how to do it.” good grief. in fact, the only time micromanager did not email a question, was when she yelled over to replacement girl and asked whether or not i have gotten through the list of 100 dot points with her yet (she sent the email two hours ago and i was sitting in between the two of them). replacement girl just looked at me like “WTF?!” and i shrugged my shoulders. replacement girl is already looking for a different job.

if anything, i’m relieved to be leaving all of this behind me. micromanager told everyone in sydney that she had to come down here to prevent me from spreading hate and vitriol on my last days. yep too late for that. and anyway, i don’t really have to say much. everyone saw what a nightmare she’s been. actions speak louder than words.

so that’s all the happenings for the past week. i need the break so i can feel refreshed for my new job on monday. i decided i’m going to buy a the new mac book pro. it was either that or a pair of earrings. i may still go for earrings. i’m not really an early adopter sort of person but the new mac book sounds delightful. i thought that the brit would think i was crazy because we already have a mac but when i outlined my reasons for wanting one, he actually agreed with me. wow, logic.

well, it’s getting late and i have some work to finish up before my last day. lots more blogging from me this week as i have the rest of the week off. relaxation, here i come!

p.s. i’d like to thank the academy for giving mr. darcy an oscar.


14 thoughts on “monday.

  1. I have beaten you to the new Macbook Pro 😉

    There goes my careful spend-nothing budgeting… but Zak’s getting a bit long in the tooth and even the implied warranty has run out at this stage, so onto eBay he must go.

  2. I only ordered it yesterday, so hasn’t shipped yet as there’s a 1-2 day shipping delay for some reason. 15″ is fine for me: 17″ is just that little big too big for portability. I have a 22″ external monitor to plug into if I need more screen space for work or study.

  3. i need to check out the work situation but probably to do design work. i can’t be designing covers andstuff in powerpoint! and…because i want one.

  4. i might actually get the 15 inch one. i thought only the 17 in once had the quad core processor. the brit says go quad core or go home. (he’s a nerd).

  5. Hang on though…

    1. If you’re talking about at home, your iMac is fine for design work: at work we are still producing enormous packaging files using 6 year old G5s. Your iMac is way faster than those, and not a whole lot slower than what’s been released. You won’t notice the extra power.

    2. If you’re talking about at your new job, you shouldn’t be buying the equipment!

    So as your financial controller (self-appointed) I shall require better reasoning. So far “because I want one” is your only convincing argument. It’s perfectly valid of course, but is it enough?

  6. yeah, i don’t mind doing work from home but if i need to run a quick fix i won’t be able to do it from work.

    i know i shouldn’t buy it for work and make work buy it for me but i’m not going to get greedy when i first get there. they don’t even have acrobat. i’m going to struggle.

    and, the other reason (which i haven’t mentioned) is that i’m getting some money from my old job that i need to spend before they find out they paid it to me.

  7. Realistically all you need is the Aobe suite on your work PC… but it won’t have that “new laptop” smell 😉

  8. That’s not surprising though, as a single copy of Acrobat is about $400. Unless they need the whiz-bang markup features and the like companies wouldn’t buy it for everyone. We get by with the latest copy of Reader at work as we use InDesign to export PDFs and as we’re still on CS1 the full Acrobat we have is so old it won’t open some fancy PDFs! They should spring for a full copy of the CS Suite for you though, as it’s going to be your JOB!

  9. yeah, i’m not going to be too demanding in the beginning. i’m going to see what the set up is like there and then decide what to do then. i don’t have to start til tuesday now!! they got my start date mixed up and my boss has monday off!!

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