so it begins.

micromanager was in today. she didn’t really talk to me. i was super busy on a deadline so i had a good excuse not to talk to her. i bought her a coffee. she talked shit about me to the girl who is taking over for me (they went out to lunch and new girl told me all about it). so how’s the maturity scoreboard looking now? me: 1, micromanager 0. and asshole points? micromanager is holding at first place.

i trained the little shi- … i mean, newbies, today. they weren’t that bad actually. i had a captive audience but i was actually showing them how to do stuff instead of talking at them about branding and proper colour usage. i didn’t have to make anyone cry or take away anyone’s blackberry. it was quite good. i did have my metal ruler in my hand in case i needed to slap anyone on the hand for being naughty. man, i would’ve been an awesome teacher.

now i am exhausted. and sweaty and smelly. i really do like this working out thing every day. i’m not so grouchy anymore. drinking 2 litres of water each day? i’m not convinced it’s adding any benefit to my life except maybe the extra exercise of walking to the bathroom every half hour. i’ll keep it up though. i don’t think i could stop now if i wanted to. when i’m not drinking water, i feel parched.

i told the brit that i wanted to have a date night this weekend. he said “are you taking me out on a date.”  i said “if that means i pick what we do and you pay, then yes.” i’m probably going to pick staying home and ordering indian food but i may feel like going out. after a week with micromanager, i may need retail therapy and a fancy dinner. let’s see what the week holds, shall we?


2 thoughts on “so it begins.

  1. Remember what I told you about the water?

    And have you been to MoViDa for dinner? I know I haven’t, but that isn’t through lack of trying. I have been to Hellenic Republic though and it was mighty good. Bit out of town though.

  2. i have been to movida (was our usual work spot) and i think it’s overrated. i want to try naked for satan on brunswick.

    yeah, i know. i think about what you said every time i guzzle my first litre of water. but now i can’t stop!!

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