just a thought.

i was thinking of my friend liz who said she’d move to australia if Palin was elected president. i just thought of someone just as bad, maybe even worse: President Michele Bachmann. frightening.


2 thoughts on “just a thought.

  1. First, congrats on the new gig! Make sure you goatce “someone”s desktop on the way out.

    I’ve since concluded that the only way these people could be so popular is if they are a deliberate tool of the democratic party to spoil the next republican election. Bachmann must be the republican Ross Perot. Otherwise I’ve lost all faith in humanity.

    BTW – I have a new client in Melbourne. Crossing my fingers that I will need to be on site for… anything really.

  2. bachmann scares the crap out of me. how she gets elected is beyond my comprehension. i think i buy into your theory.

    the weather here is sucky man. i wore a coat to work today. it’s supposed to be SUMMER.

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