hell week.

so this is my last full week of work and i fully expected it to be kinda cruisy. not so much. our new recruits have started and they are a little up themselves. they usually are – with brand new brief cases which, if opened, would reveal a calculator and lunch (made by mum) – they walk around like they own the world but really, they are just little shits. anyway, the ones this year were so awful in their training that i have to re-train them on wednesday. i have banned blackberries and mobiles in the training session which they already complained about. cry me a river. not looking forward to it. i have a feeling it’s going to end in tears.

and, micromanager is going to be in town wed, thu and fri this week interviewing people for my position. i’d think that she’d want me in the interviews with her but i guess not. she knows best. after all, she hired new girl. i actually think DB is better than micromanager. at least DB knew he was stupid and didn’t have a fucking clue so asked me how to do everything. micromanager is more dangerous. she won’t admit to anyone that she’s out of her depth and will just make mistakes that the rest of us have to suffer through. i don’t know how i’m going to survive for three days with micromanager. i may need to take the rest of my sick days.

so there you go. my week will be fraught with awesomeness and blog worthy material i’m sure. i am also starting another dress. i have a nice plaid fabric – a leftover lisa ho remnant i got from the fancy fabric shop. i don’t know what to with it. every time i sketch something out, i think it’ll end up looking like a school uniform. i ordered another sewing book. sewing for dummies might be more on  my level so maybe i’ll wait until that comes before attempting something else. i was relieved to hear that my sister, who went to proper fashion design school, has trouble with zippers. i was telling my mom about my zipper woes and she was like “you just sew it on. what’s the issue? you must be doing it wrong. even your eleven year old niece can sew zippers!” that’s how she is. she calls it tough love which is a term she either picked up from doctor phil or an episode of law and order but it’s not really what it means. it’s a wonder i have any self-esteem at all … um, what was i talking about?

brit is home finally so time for dinner! vegan chilli tonight. yum!



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