sunday stuff.

it’s been a great weekend so far. the brit and i took a walk into town yesterday and went shopping. we started watching Little House on the Prairie. it’s still the early episodes. i like the ones with almanzo wilder because i had a secret crush on him when i was kid. i love watching it again and i even think the brit is enjoying it too. we also watched the first toy story which i haven’t seen in years.

today has been lovely so far. we met up with the rest of the family (the kiwi, other asian and the australian) for breakfast at sonido! and then i spent the rest of the day sewing while the brit did a bit of work. i made another dress! now, you may think it looks the same as the other dress i made but hey, it’s easy and i’m just starting out. it wasn’t supposed to have the solid band in the middle but i (once again) was way off in my  measurements and didn’t cut enough material. and don’t pay attention to the hem. i just pinned it for now. not bad for four hours of work, eh? the back is a holy mess. i really need to work on zippers or everything will have to have buttons. i can at least sew buttons. i’ll get there eventually.

i called the parentals and i caught them just as they were leaving to go to the casino. yes, my parents love to go the casino. it’s the only time my mother will venture south of eight mile into the bowels of detroit. they go with their church friends. i think it’s all very strange but they say it’s because they like the all-you-can-eat buffet. i’m sure. they were in a hurry and we went through the usual stuff rather quickly: “it’s hot here. i still have a job. i’m still not pregnant. the brit doesn’t want to divorce me” and that was it. they had to go. they like to get there at 4.30pm because it’s still lunch time prices but at 5pm they switch to dinner and dinner prices but they can still go up and get more food because they’re in. it’s like paying for one movie and just staying in the cinema the entire day. scammers. is that what jesus would do? really?

the brit is cooking up some dinner right now. i probably won’t work on the dress anymore. the hemming and other little things i do to try to hide the shoddy workmanship will have to wait until tomorrow.  hope you all had a nice weekend. tomorrow is valentine’s day! hooray!


2 thoughts on “sunday stuff.

  1. my parents are like a sitcom. i’ve never watched seinfeld – it’s one of those shows i could never get into. maybe one of these days me and the brit will watch it.

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