friday finally!

a lady on the tram asked about “my people.” she told me that she loved the colour of my skin and wondered if it was natural. and i said “thanks. i am a bit darker  because it’s summer. but just a bit.” then she asked “so what do your people call that? a tan? or just dark?” i wasn’t quite sure what she meant and i must’ve had a puzzled look on my face because she felt a need to clarify “i mean, would your people say your tan or bronzed? what would your people say?” i didn’t know what to say and just stared at her. “where are you from?” she asked. “america” i said matter-of-factly. “no, i mean what are you?” “i’m american” “but where are you from?” “america” and it went on like that until my stop. i never gave her the answer she wanted. i was offended and i wasn’t sure if i was being over-sensitive . people standing around her looked uncomfortable so maybe it wasn’t just me. all i knew was that i wanted to get away from her. shit, i would rather have stood next to long toe nail man the entire way home. there are some dumb ass people out there. as soon as i stepped off the tram, i thought of at least five good smart-ass comments i could’ve replied with and i was lamenting the fact that it was too late. but maybe it was better that i just kept my mouth shut. i don’t want to make the front page of the age … and trust me, something like that would make the front page. there was a story a week ago about a girl who got a plastic hook stuck to her eyelid in a freak accident. it’s all news here :). however, i have to admit it’s nice to not see stories in the paper about how a baby was left in a car parked outside the casino with the windows up or about the ongoing ghetto fabulous escapades of kwame kilpatrick. keepin’ it real in the D yo. yeah, i still miss it.

it’s like a second birthday! some more pressies were waiting for us on our doorstep! i was a good girl and didn’t open them until the brit got home. i worked out for an hour to distract me from trying to pull the tape off and blame the post office. now i have sore muscles but 3 new CDs, toy story blu ray box set with all three movies, and (don’t laugh) the little house on the prairie DVD box set. he said that a few months ago i talked about how much i loved the books and the series growing up and he wrote it on his little tatty piece of paper that he carries around in his pocket. i’m serious, he writes shit like that down all the time so he always has gift ideas for me. the boy is so good. i don’t know if he’d sit and watch them with me but i’m excited to get stuck in. i also got a book from the australian that i’m saving to read for when i start my new job (you know, for my tram commute). i can’t believe i was dreading turning 30 but now my i’m having the best life in my thirties. my twenties sucked in comparison! birthdays are great.

micromanager actually called me today. i had my earphones in jamming to digable planets when i saw it was her calling, i left one in my ear with music blasting and had my headset in the other ear. i started pounding the keys on my keyboard so it sounded like i was super busy and i was just like “mm hmm, yep, mmm hmm, yep. okay bye.” not quite sure what she was going on about. i couldn’t really hear her. lately, i’ve been walking around our office, looking at all the things i’ve grown accustomed to working in corporate finance in the city – catered lunches and dinners from the best restaurants, expense accounts, two plasma TVs within viewing distance from my desk and a kick ass coffee machine. but then i think about all the stuff that i’ll be glad to be leaving – wearing suits on 40 degree days, walking around in smart, super high-heeled shoes and that feeling that i’m somehow selling my soul. yes, i think i’m coming out on top here. it’s been so long since i’ve worked in a small company. i think it’ll suit me better. i was made to work in yoga pants and uggs.

so it’s the weekend and that means another week is done and two more (plus two days) to go.  this weekend will be lovely. tomorrow the brit and i have a million chores to do. sunday we are doing breakfast with the boys on gertrude street. now i’m looking forward to a nice long sleep. good night!


ps. the brit and i watched dorian gray tonight. sorry colin firth, it kinda sucked.


2 thoughts on “friday finally!

  1. Yeah, tram rides can suck. For instance, the other day on the tram coming back from St Kilda, there was a woman going around to every single person on that tram and asking for money…can you believe it…it was the first time I’ve struck that in Melbourne, even ‘tho I think I must have met just about all the professional beggars in the town, trust me on that one! So…sorry for the intrusive experience into your heritage… perhaps it was her way of being friendly!
    At least, soon you’ll get to wear casual clothes and feel like a human again. :< )

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