i sent micromanager another chat message this morning. “good morning! :)!”  see, exclamation mark, happy face, exclamation mark. how could she not reply? well she didn’t. at 3pm when she chatted me to see if i could help out by taking on some sydney work, i didn’t reply and changed my presence from being online to being away. i can be passive aggressive too. at 3.55pm, i changed my presence back to online and sent her a message: “have a great night! chat tomorrow!” how much longer do i have? i think i have five sick days left so i need to figure out when i’m going to use them. definitely on the 18th because my building is doing a fire drill and i can’t be asked to go down seventeen flights of stairs at a snail’s pace, the whole time thinking that if the building were really on fire, we’d all be dead because everyone is moving sooo slow. i’m contemplating taking next tuesday off too – that’s when my exit interview is scheduled. i’m still trying to figure how to approach it. do i talk about how crap micromanager is or do i keep my mouth shut and say the bare minimum? i’m leaning towards the latter but knowing my propensity for verbal spew, it may end up being more like the former.

i received my pattern making book and the modern family blu ray the other day. we watched two episodes last night and loved it. i read the first two pages of my pattern book and decided i need to get a “sewing for dummies” book first. all of my clothes look good from the outside but they are a holy mess inside. i want to learn how to make clothes properly. then i’m going to make me and the brit matching outfits. he’ll love it.

there are pictures on our cruise website of our russian river boat finally and it looks pretty fancy. it certainly doesn’t look like a boat. it’s making me very excited for september. i’m also thankful we didn’t choose the trip down the nile this year though the bombing at moscow airport frightened me a bit. i’m sure it’ll all be okay.  i’m back on the russian lessons. i’m learning how to say “i am canadian” right now.

did i tell you how much i am enjoying my new cd by the roots? the brit was like “really?”  (rolling his eyes). he likes everything up until things fall apart but he thinks they’re too up themselves and doesn’t like them very much anymore.  whatever. i like them. i’ve always liked them. i don’t care if they sold out. besides that, i’ve been listening to a lot of robert bradley lately and it’s making me feel homesick (though i’ll wait until the snow is gone before we visit).

well, time for me to go. i’m craving something sweet and the piece of fruit i had isn’t cutting it so it looks like i’ll need to do some digging in the pantry. i’m going to leave you with this. a little bit of detroit. btw, thank you green bay packers. you won me $20. go pack go! 🙂


2 thoughts on “thursday.

  1. If you chuck a sickie on the day of your exit interview, won’t they just reschedule the interview? Just curious.

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