give me strength.

let me take a minute this morning to discuss micromanager. she has gone into severe damage control and trying desperately to deflect any blame from my resignation. how is she doing this? by trying to smear my good name. she’s been saying that i’ve been a problem employee, couldn’t follow rules and that they are actually better off without me. really? that’s all you’ve got? i was telling my melbourne colleagues about it and they just laughed and told me not to worry. she’s being a total biatch to me now … via email … because she doesn’t have the balls to call me. i have a low bullshit tolerance and do not take kindly to people talking crap about me but i’m trying to be the mature one in all of this. it’s so hard. it’s taking every ounce of energy to stop me from telling her to go fck herself.

another day of it. sigh.


3 thoughts on “give me strength.

  1. Nah, your goal should be to be so unflappable that you send her into madness. I’m thinking something like the movie “What about Bob?”.

  2. i sent her a chat message this morning “good morning! how are you?”


    so when i was leaving, i sent her another chat “have a great night! chat tomorrow!”

    i even put a smiley face!

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