monday stuff.

hello there! it’s been a while, i know. but really, i have my reasons. needed to have a mental break. “keep a blog and it will keep you” the brit would say.

the weekend was absolutely lovely. we ate a lot (but i worked out a lot to negate the millions of calories)—indian food, thai food at lemongrass (my new fave thai restaurant), lovely breakfast with a girlfriend at southpaw, shopping, the movie black swan, a national theatre production of Fela!,  and lots of quality time with the brit. it was great. Fela! was really good. i recognised a lot of the music but i had no idea about the stories behind it and fela kutsi himself so it was quite interesting to watch. plus, the dancing was brilliant. i thought for sure the brit would hate it (he doesn’t like musicals) but he enjoyed it. still, i don’t think i can convince him to take me to see mary poppins. it rained lots on friday and saturday then stayed pretty cool for the rest of the weekend so i was loving the weather because it wasn’t too hot. it was so hard to get up for work this morning.

i announced my resignation today. micromanager gave me the green light to tell people so i waited for an announcement from her to come. i waited. and waited. and waited. nothing. so i sent one out. it started by saying “i’m sad to announce that i have resigned …” and then i actually thanked people for being lovely. someone should be thanking me. bleh. anyway, i then got a deluge of emails from devastated colleagues. it does feel good to be so loved. micromanager is being a total baby and not talking to me because people are upset with her about my leaving. i’m so over her and now i’m just counting down the days. i got the contract for my new job and the dress code is casual. after years of corporate dress and suits and pantyhose and uncomfortable high heel shoes, i don’t even know what casual means anymore. the brit says definitely not pyjamas. darn. oh well. i’m very excited.

well well, time for dinner. i’m leaving you with some pictures from the weekend.

i forgot to mention the brit sent me flowers at work. he has learned to get me a smaller arrangement this time. the few times he sent flowers to work, i couldn’t fit through the tram doors with them

my new favourite drink (not the stella – that’s for the brit). sooo good.

my new dressmakers dummy with the dress i made in three hours. it needs a new zipper so it’s not quite wearable yet. the project runway judges wouldn’t be impressed. i can just picture nina garcia rolling her eyes.


4 thoughts on “monday stuff.

  1. Here’s where I show my ignorance about IT company matters, but does a submissions officer make people submit to the company’s rules…or what?! :< )

  2. :). i would be designing and helping to write all the tenders and submissions to win them business. i’d be working on the business development team. i would like to make people submit to company rules though. i’d be good at that.

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