so much drama at work with me leaving. it’s all micromanager’s fault. she’s causing all sorts of turmoil. apparently me leaving is my own fault (but didn’t really explain how) and because i resigned, the entire team needs to be overhauled because it’s been under performing and inconsistent. news to me. did i get a huge counter offer from the company because i’ve been under performing? so, she’s making everyone on my team reapply for their job (even the ones that have been there for 8+ years). it’s like she’s purposely breaking the team so she can fix it thus making herself look good. great plan.

i rode the tram with this guy who had the LONGEST toenails ever. his feet looked like sloth claws. so gross. they were at least 9cm long. i shit you not. all the crazies ride my tram. i won’t be taking that tram to my new job anymore. the crazies will probably follow me and ride my new tram route. i do attract them, you know. i could do without seeing long toenail man. it wasn’t pretty. i was afraid he’d scratch me with them and i’d have to get a tetanus shot or something.

i saw an asian boy yesterday with the same hair as mine. he turned around and turned out to be a SHE!! “you do not look like a boy. i don’t know how many times i have to tell you.” apparently a lot. i went a bit heavier on the eye makeup today which only changed me to “goth asian boy.” in case you couldn’t tell, i’m still unsure about the hair but i am loving it with this hot weather. it makes such a difference. once it grows a little longer, i think it’ll be okay.

’tis late now and i have to go to bed. i’ve been having shitty sleeps lately. i think work drama is bringing me down and it shouldn’t because i’m leaving it all behind me soon. but that’s what i’m like. i have to go down the stairs sitting down, one step at a time. i did so many lunges during my workout today. my legs are now a bit wobbly and sore. i’m walking around like an old lady much to the brit’s amusement. it’s 10.30 so if i make a start now, i’ll be downstairs by 10.45.

i hope my friends up and over survived the blizzard.


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