this morning, i got up, got dressed, had some coffee and walked to work. when i got to work, there was a note on my desk telling me i was no longer needed. email? phone? anyone? grrr. it was already quite hot by the time i got back home. it’s sweltering now. the brit and i are like mole people now with all the shades drawn and windows shut to try to block out the heat. i stepped out on our balcony briefly to say hello to our neighbour but we both had to go back into our respective homes after two minutes. too hot.

i don’t like my hair today. i think i look like a boy. when we went to the opera yesterday, i saw an 80 year old lady with the exact same hair. i pointed her out the brit. he just rolled his eyes and patted me on the head. speaking of opera, the met hd performance yesterday was la fanciulla del west by puccini. i loved it. i love anything by puccini. when we got home, i got straight onto my sewing machine and made a dress. i love it. i’m a bit crap with zippers so i’ll need to wear a cardigan over it but it looks really good otherwise. i made the pattern myself and it turned out way better than the dress i did using a store-bought pattern.

it’s my resigning dress. i’m going to wear it on tuesday when i resign. i contemplated resigning on wednesday  to make the  two days micro manger is in melbourne more pleasant for me but the brit told me to do it on tuesday and to relish in her bitterness. i’m going to make sure that martha wainwright song bloody mother f*cking a*shole is going through my head the entire time i’m resigning so i don’t get sucked into feeling bad for them (they will try). tomorrow i have to tell the client i’m resigning which i’m not looking forward to because i do like them and they’ve come to rely on me quite a bit. there will be drama. i’m going to blame it all on micromanager.

i’m going old school now on my ipod and uploading the roots and the fugees. yesterday, i imported a tribe called quest and erykah badu.  and you want to know what song i have in my head right now? “just a friend” by biz markie. oh boy. it’s better than the A-team theme song which seems to be in repeat mode in my brain. i wake up humming it. i have never seen an episode of the a-team though i think mr. t is a bad ass. i wanted mr. t cereal so bad when i was a kid but my parents didn’t allow sugary cereals.

anyway, so that’s our day pretty much – the brit is working from home, and i’m uploading music. we both already worked out so that’s out of the way. later we’ll watch a movie. we watched the lovely bones earlier which i thought was just as crap as the book. that’s the last time i ever take a book recommendation from an old lady on the tram. maybe a spot of dinner a bit later. more fretting about my hair. lazy day. perfect day.


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