i heard back from the recruitment guy about the job interview i had on tuesday. they loved me. the french lady mentioned my stylish shoes (see! people do notice the little things!). they love me so much that they probably won’t move on to a second interview and just make me an offer. while i am very excited about this, i was kind of holding out for another job that  i know i can do (it closes on the 31st). it’s exactly the same job as the brit and may be slightly better money than what this job is. that being said, the job i’m going to be offered sounds great. they have nothing formal in place, no processes, no branding, nada and they want me to bring order to the chaos. the down side is that it’s in the burbs so it’s about 30-45 minutes on a tram. i need to do some thinking and talking with the brit about this. i want to make sure that my desperation to get out of my current job (and my burning desire to put in my resignation when micromanager is in next week) doesn’t force me into making a hasty decision. i’m hoping i won’t get an offer until monday next week, and see what happens with the other prospects.

that’s my big news. nothing else interesting is going on. i’ve been on this quest to drink lots of water a day. i’m currently on 2.5L a day. someone at work asked me if i was preggers because i kept running to the bathroom during our morning workshop. i’ve coupled my water drinking with my daily cardio/weight training. so far so good. it’s been a few months since i touched the elliptical but i’m slowly getting back to form. it’s definitely working- it only took me 5 minutes to get the lid off a jar of salsa.

my parents went to the pistons game last night. i hope they had a good time. i called my mom to assure her that  i bought enough food for everyone. she wanted to make sure that there would be enough food for leftovers for her to take home. i can picture this little group of old filipino people leaving the suite with little foil wrapped parcels of leftover food.

ah, the brit is done with his round on the elliptical and i made chicken enchiladas which are in the oven and ready to be eaten! btw, he thinks i should email the other company and say “so are you interested in me or what because i gots me another job?!” well, he didn’t quite say it that way. he’s a bit more polite and well-spoken. i think i’ll just wait. i feel sort of cheeky emailing them.


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