tomorrow is australia day which means a day off from work. hooray!

i had my second interview at the actual company today. it went really well. i kept the word salad to a minimum and i honed in on the key reasons why i’m so awesome. the interview was with a super stylish french lady who had a pair of killer red shoes. thank goodness i was wearing hosiery and got a manicure over the weekend. i think she loved me. there was another bloke in the room who i think would be my direct manager. he’s awesome. totally laid back. i will find out by friday or monday whether i made it to the second round. they pretty much said they’ll see me back there so i’m sure i’m a shoe in. there another job i applied for that i’m waiting to hear back on but it doesn’t close until the 31st so it may not be until late next week. i would like another good paying job on the table to give me something to negotiate with. i also have yet to hear back from that other interview i had. it’s all happening now. i showed up at work today in full corporate attire and when i told people i had to leave at 1pm for an “appointment,” i think a lot of them suspect something’s going on.

i started sewing my first dress. it’s not bad for my first try. i followed the pattern, for the most part. i need the rosetta stone or something to decipher the directions. once i had the pieces cut out, i scrapped the directions and just put it together myself. i’m quite pleased with it considering the fact that (a) i didn’t have any chalk to mark where any of the seams or darts went; (b) no pins to hold anything together; and (c) i am super impatient and hurried through it to get it done in three hours. the next dress will be even better because i’ll take my time and i’ll have the proper tools. to help  me, the brit is getting me a dressmakers dummy for one of my birthday pressies.

speaking of birthday pressies, we went shopping on saturday and got some preliminary warm up gifts from the brit – two nintendo DS games and the Despicable Me blu ray. i loved that movie, by the way, and so did the brit. he actually wanted to watch it again the next day! the brit bought me something else while we were there but i didn’t get to see it nor will he give it to me early. i’m buying myself a vintage sewing basket from ebay and some fancy material for more clothes. i’m totally domesticated now.

rightio, brit home and the grocery delivery van has arrived. time for me to go!


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