saturday morning.

the brit and i had nice long discussion about what transpired in my interview yesterday and decided it was a good thing. they think i’m very talented and intelligent and want to put me in a job where i think i’ll be happy which is why they suggested the other jobs. they know my salary expectations so they’re not going to offer a different job with a measly salary. so i’m going to put my trust in these people for a week and see if they can find me something good that pays mucho dinero.

i received a badly written formal position description for the job from two weeks ago. it’s making think twice about this one but i’ll go interview with the company and see what the deal is and if i can wrangle more money out of them.

job hunting is mentally exhausting. i need to take a break from it for a few days. this weekend is going to be a quiet one. i have to work for a few hours on sunday. i don’t know if i’ll go into the office or work from home yet. i’ll probably go in … it’s easier. today we’ll probably watch movies- my mother sent us two blu rays for christmas – a mini series called pillars of the earth (a ken follett novel) which we’re watching now and is actually quite good and twilight which we’re saving until we’ve watched everything we’ve owned. the pillars one she got for the brit and twilight for me. my mother chastises me for shopping at places like topshop because i’m not a teenager anymore but yet buys me twilight and a stuffed monkey for pressies. go figure. it’s a nice day today so i emailed the brit to see if maybe he wants to take a walk into town and shop. he’s on his computer with earphones on. i keep making faces at him and waving my arms wildly so he turned his back to me. my childish petulance shall prevail!

the brit just read my email and gave me thumbs up. so it looks like a walk into the city :).


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