well that was weird. i went in to the agency to interview for one job, which after talking further, was not designery enough for me so they are putting me forward for three more jobs and contacting a few more companies to see if they’d be interested in me. so it went well… i guess…?

i have to come up with a list of 15 companies i would like to work for and they’d contact them for me to see if they have any internal job postings. it was a weird day. i interviewed with the girl i spoke with initially but 2 more people were queued to interview me for other jobs. i need the brit to come home so i can debrief him and he can put things in order in my head for me. i’m not sure how to feel. they loved my portfolio and no gummi worms were attached!

i heard back from the other job i interviewed for a couple of weeks ago and said he’ll be in touch soon with an interview date. that seems to be moving forward again. i need to have a cider and deconstruct the whole interview in my head. i’ll be back later when i can make sense of what happened in the interview and whether it’s a good thing.

i rode the tram with a guy in a seersucker jacket and matching shorts. the shorts were super tight … like cycling shorts but seersucker instead of spandex. he was also wearing lip gloss. he looked like a gay matlock. i almost missed my stop because i was so busy checking him out.


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