sorry but i’m an american.

there are a lot of things that i had to get used to when i moved to lovely australia and for things, i went with the flow. after all, when in rome, right? my spelling has changed, the metric system is now my friend, hell, i can even deal with putting the day first then the month. one thing i can’t seem to get my head around is the floor levels in buildings. this is how it is here:











and this is how i’m used to it being:












i remember when i was in David Jones for the first time with the Brit and i saw a sign that said “escalator up to level 1.” “but aren’t we on level one?” i asked. “no, we’re on the ground floor.” the brit said matter -of-factly. “yes, which is the first level.” the brit could see me furrow my brow, the little hamster in my head running extra fast in its wheel. he pointed out something shiny to distract me from over thinking it and getting a headache. at my doctor’s office, the receptionist refers to the ground level as the first level which adds to my confusion even more.

i was reading over the details of my upcoming interview this morning. i figured out my tram route and what time i would have to leave (still undecided about calling in sick and the pantyhose thing). the last line of the email said “i will meet you on level 1.” so do you think she means go up one level from the ground floor or stay on the ground floor? see what i mean about over thinking? i know i’ll figure it out when i get there but i know i’ll be thinking about this up until the time. i asked the brit and he told me to call her when i got there … or alternatively, call her up beforehand and explain to her that i’m an american and that australian architecture is confusing to me. i’m pretty sure he was being facetious.


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