readers, i need you opinion.

i have two questions regarding my interview on friday and i want to know what you think:

1. it’s supposed to be a stinking hot day (30 degrees). i already decided i’m wearing a dress. is it unprofessional to go with no pantyhose or tights on?

2. will i get bad job karma if i call in sick on friday to prepare for my interview at 2pm?


6 thoughts on “readers, i need you opinion.

  1. You could take Friday off as annual leave? I cannot comment on item 1. OK I’ll comment. Wear bobby socks and mary-janes. That should do it.

  2. Probably most important is to feel comfortable, so go without pantyhose.

    It’s not bad karma to chuck a sickie. Unless you can’t get over your guilt at chucking a sickie.

    I wouldn’t ask for A/L as you may not get it and as Friday gets closer you may feel you really need that time to prepare.

  3. thanks for the feedback! i’m still torn on the sickie. i can’t request it as AL because micromanger is on leave and told me i have to be there. my friend called in sick to prepare for a job interview and he got the job so maybe it’s not so bad.

    i bought a pair of pantyhose but the jury is still out on whether i’m going to wear them or not.

  4. I vote for no pantyhose but skirt that comes below the knees so that you’re not hugely conscious of your bareness every time you cross your legs. In Sydney I haven’t seen a single Australian woman in pantyhose ever, even in formal banker/lawyer settings on cool-ish days. Though I do see plenty of Australian women in thick, opaque tights on warm days. Odd. As for the sickie, that’s a tough call. If you can’t bear the guilt/karma issues, could you say you have a doctor’s appt or something? That would mean preparing tonight vs tomorrow though.

  5. @bird- all the chicks in my office wear pantyhose no matter what. i tend to bare-leg it … but i also will wear yoga pants to the office on fridays. i’m a designer so i feel like i have licence to dress all airy fairy. i’m leaning towards the sickie. today was frightfully quiet. if i go to work all dressed up (being friday which is my yoga pants day), people will suspect something is up. i want to avoid controversy! my hayfever was acting up so i was continually sneezy to the point where people told me that my cold sounded really bad … are they giving me the green light?

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