today is a better day. i’m feeling relatively happy and sane. the brit stopped at the shop and picked up a tub of ice cream just in case.

I landed a job interview for friday! this is the job i applied for 15 minutes after it was posted yesterday. she called me at work. i don’t usually answer my mobile phone but i thought it was a girlfriend who i was meeting for lunch. the recruiter chick has the same name as my friend so i was a bit confused at first and then totally flustered as i was stumbling over my desk trying to get to a meeting room for a private chat. i was also in the middle of an urgent deadline so i was talking really fast – explosive verbal diarrhoea. it must’ve been okay because she set up a face-to-face interview on friday. hooray! this one is great money and i like the type of work i’d be doing so fingers crossed that this one works out!

nothing else of note happened today. i’ve been slacking on my russian lessons so i’m going to reacquaint myself with the cyrillic alphabet tonight after some trashy television. i’m totally addicted now to don’t tell the bride. it’s where the groom gets to plan the entire wedding (including the wedding dress!) with no input or help from the bride or her friends. the brides are such bitches. the bride from yesterday’s show threw a temper tantrum because she didn’t like the veil he picked out for her. she threw it off her head and started bawling. i looked over at the brit and asked him if i was that bratty. he looked at me and then pointed to his ears to indicate that he was wearing his earphones and didn’t hear me – but i’m pretty sure he did (this was after my tantrum). i think i’d trust the brit to plan our wedding. he would spend the majority of the money on the sound system but i think he’d do a good job.

right. time for me to think about making dinner. i’m going to be extra nice to him after i totally went spastic last night.



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