and it’s monday again.

i’m almost out of my depression funk, or at least i think i am. i’m feeling less down today but not 100% my happy-go-lucky self. i applied for one more job today and turned down two more because they aren’t paying enough. job hunting sucks. the australian and i had  a discussion about sending in our CV for a job fifteen minutes after it was posted. i just did that.  either i’ll look like a real go-getter or super desperate. i don’t know if i’m either. i suppose i’m more of a go-getter if i’m going to get dinner or going to get a new dress. i have my mobile phone close by just in case!

yesterday we went to costco. my first time in australia and it’s exactly like the US costco, complete with dodgey hot dog/pizza stand at the front, old asian people who can’t control their trolleys (i have to include my parents in this category), and huge drums of mayonnaise. they had big bags of reese’s peanut butter cups for sale. i stood in front of the display for a while contemplating it but i didn’t get them. i had a vision of the brit coming home, finding me unconscious in front of the TV with little gold foil wrappers littered around me. not a good visual. after costco, we ended up at a pub with a lovely beer garden somewhere in north melbourne.  the weather was lovely and it was a great afternoon. when we got home, the brit and i watched back to the future.

my sister took my parents to the chinese all-you-can-eat buffet for my dad’s birthday. i had to write my sister and congratulate her on such a classy pick. i’m sure my mom picked it out. she likes to bring ziploc bags to take home “extras.” my parents took me and the brit there last time we were in america. the brit was fascinated. my mother mistook it for admiration because they took us again that week but threatened to leave me at home if i didn’t eat my $30 worth of general tso’s chicken.

rightio, the brit is on his way home. time for me to make dinner. chorizo and chickpea stew. yum yum.


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