i’m having one of those days. it’s my dad’s 70th birthday and i’m feeling homesick.  i called the parentals this morning and all is well. i hung up the phone feeling so faraway and i cried a little. i cried.  i’ve been feeling pretty down the past week i don’t know if it’s homesickness, the job search or hormones. i haven’t been feeling like myself. i haven’t been working out everyday which i know affects my mood so on monday (always monday) i’m going to start and see if that works. my birthday is coming up and i think all i really need is a day with the brit. i’m trying to figure out what in my life needs fixing but there’s nothing. i think things are perfect. there’s the job thing but even that’s not enough to depress me. whatever it is, i hope it goes away soon. it’s a drag and i can’t knock myself out of it.

the brit is taking my shopping to cheer me up. we’re taking a trip to Costco with the kiwi and the other asian. they got the brit a membership for xmas which is good because my american one ran out. after that, i may take a walk to the fabric shop across the street to buy some fabric for some dresses. if retail therapy doesn’t lift my spirits, i don’t know what will.


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