hire me. i’m awesome.

that’s what i was trying to portray in my interview today. hopefully it worked. overall, i think the interview went really well considering the fact that i was slightly groggy and deaf from the national concert last night. i was also grouchy because he didn’t feel like interviewing me in a meeting room but he wanted to take a walk to a cafe and have a coffee. seriously? i didn’t think he noticed my high heels. i had to concentrate extra hard to keep up with him and not fall down. it was hard work. i was sweaty and gross by the time we sat down. ah yes, sitting down. he decided he wanted to sit at at a high table with high bar stools (this place obviously did not have short people in mind because these chairs were high!). me, being little and all and wearing a tight pencil skirt, had some issues. it was a bit awkward but i eventually hoisted myself on the chair without grunting. he was busy talking to the waitress so i don’t think he noticed my gold-winning special olympic performance of bar stool mounting. i ordered a hot coffee and then immediately thought to myself “idiot! get something cold!” and then i was trying to sniff myself to see if i was smelly from my workout, casually tilting my head down towards my armpit and sniffing. i think i smelled fine. eventually the air conditioning in the cafe started to cool me down and i got through it. i think i answered everything perfectly and he is going to set up the next interview with the CEO of the company. he asked me where i saw myself in five years, my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. ha! i was so prepared. i think i knocked this one out of the ballpark (how’s that for an americanism?). the office is located outside of the CBD but i checked the tram/train network and i can take a tram. it’ll be odd not working in the city anymore but change is good. i applied for another two jobs in case this one doesn’t pan out. he says that the company wants to move quickly on this. i have to give four weeks notice at work. wouldn’t it be nice if micromanager flew down to melbourne for my birthday lunch and i was able to hand in my notice?



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