i heard from another job today but it was to tell me that the position was no longer available. even though there is no more job, i still feel rejected. i sent my CV to two more companies. they are long shots but i thought i’d try anyway. they are industries that are completely opposite to what i’m used to. now that i got my first rejection and i’m not curled up in a corner rocking myself, i’m going for broke and applying for anything that sounds good to me. i think now my cover letter really does need the line “how hard can it be anyway?” since i’m applying for jobs out of my comfort zone.

i had the day off today. me, the brit and the kiwi are going to st. kilda to see The National tonight. the brit and i have the day off tomorrow. hooray!

UPDATE: i have an interview at 11am tomorrow. this is a good money one so i better be in tip top shape! hmm, now i’m nervous.

i talked to the parentals this weekend. my mom was informed that my father was getting pistons tickets for his birthday and she better start inviting people to go. she didn’t seem annoyed and was quite nice about it. i’m still getting them dinner vouchers


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